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ca508 - Miche - Along Yurikamome

Artist: Miche
Title: Along Yurikamome
Date: 2012-12-23
Keywords: ambient; drone; field recordings
(320 kbps)

"Yurikamome" It's a Japanese railroad which runs in the seaside city of Tokyo.
It is unmanned driving, there are not a driver and the conductor in the inside of train, in other words it runs by the automatic control of the computer.
We can see a lot of scenes which can be called "Near-future city" along Yurikamome and I made up my mind to describe the sceneries by sounds, and this album was completed here.
I expressed and interpreted of sceneries along Yurikamome, such as night view from the train window, Tokyo Big Sight, sidewalk which is lighted up by orange streetlights, Rainbow Bridge (it's Japanese famous bridge) and so on.

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