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Thursday, September 5th, 2013
8:55 am
Simone Schirru / Federico Eterno - Around three minutes long short-movie songs (ca520)

Artist: Simone Schirru / Federico Eterno
Title: Around three minutes long short-movie songs
Date: 2013-09-03
Keywords: free improv; free jazz
(320 kbps)

The Album as the title says was born from the necessity to create a soundtrack that formed the context, the inspirational atmosphere, for the elaboration of an animated short movie that would stray outside the traditional boundaries of narrative. It was too stimulating an enterprise to pull off with any standard rendering of a written composition. This is why we chose to build the work using alternative compositional techniques tied to the extemporaneous creation of forms and elements – a method hewing more closely to contemporary styles of composition...

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
2:59 pm
Ancient Lasers - You In The Future (ca519)

Artist: Ancient Lasers
Title: You In The Future
Date: 2013-07-03
Keywords: electro-pop; electronica; alternative
(320 kbps)

All Songs and Lyrics Written by Daniel Finfer.
Additional songwriting by Daniel Anderson.(of Idiot Pilot)

Lead vocals, guitars, synthesizers, programming, and Piano: Daniel Finfer
Vocals, guitars, bass, programming, synthesizers and keyboards: Daniel Anderson
Violin: Brennen Smith
Live Drums: Christopher Newton

Saturday, June 1st, 2013
5:46 pm
ca518 - This Co. - More

Artist: This Co.
Title: More
Date: 2013-06-01
Keywords: electronica; dark disco; new wave rave
(320 kbps)

This Co. presents "More", their second album. After years of silent work, This Co. comes back at the end of April with More, their second independent album. As the title suggests, this is a more dense, elaborated and mature album than the previous one.
This is definitely More This Co. Loaded with that dark atmosphere introduced on their debut, More dives deeper on those layers of punk, new wave and electronics that define the sound of This Co., but without giving up their intention to make you dance. The album was independently produced with the collaboration of the musician and producer Juan Cristobal Saavedra (a.k.a. Equipo) on the electronics.

Monday, April 1st, 2013
6:02 pm
ca514 - NOW - pileofskyhighmiles

Artist: NOW
Title: pileofskyhighmiles
Date: 2013-04-01
Keywords: experimental pop
(320 kbps)

Between a raucous start & finish, Now's third album for Clinical Archives, "pileofskyhighmiles", captures a selection of sensitive, carefully crafted experimental pop tunes & is the least studio-manipulated of Now's albums. Minimal, yet varied, the songs capture a process of organic recording & collaborative song-writing, more closely reflecting the band's live sound.

Since their foundation in 1998, Now have released eight albums, contributed exclusive tracks to many compilations, collaborated with underground musicians (such as Damo Suzuki, leading to the release of the joint album "The London Evening News", Charles Hayward & The Go! Team's Kaori Tsuchida) & have played inside & outside the UK, including a 2009 Japan tour (released as "Ooo-doo-sigh" by Clinical Archives) & regular visits to Norway.
Live, Now move between melodic songs & energetic improvisation.
Now could be described as catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious, harmonious & disharmonious 21st century pop music.

Saturday, March 16th, 2013
11:00 am
ca512 - Skala Collective - Sleepy Dancing

Artist: Skala Collective
Title: Sleepy Dancing
Date: 2013-03-16
Keywords: post-pop
(320 kbps)

Sleepy Dancing, Skala Collective’s second album, this time with participation of a vocalist and in slightly different stylistics than ever before.
Sound and style of the band, well-known from the previous album, have been transformed through more pop type filters which make new compositions more melodic and definitely less harsh than the previous ones. However space rock areas and rhythmic kraut massage are still easy to hear in that music.
Gee’s vocals and lyrics have lent a sensual element of femininity. The whole, although comes from different music inspirations, forms a coherent album with occasionally a trance and hypnotic, sometimes even dance face. Skala Collective’s musicians define their production as post-pop.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013
2:23 pm
ca510 - Utrovortu - Live at Zabriskie Point

Artist: Utrovortu
Title: Live at Zabriskie Point
Date: 2013-02-07
Keywords: krautrock; psychedelic rock; experimental; free improv
(320 kbps)

The creative association "Utrovortu" formed in St. Petersburg some years ago. Its core was the band "Golubi i bezumnye kashevary" ("The Pigeons and the Insane Porridgemakers"), a large body of people performing at the interface between music and experimental poetry.
Besides the regular concerts of "Golubi i Bezumnye Kashevary" "Utrovortu" carries out experimental performances, based on the principles of spontaneity and all-round improvisation (mainly musical and near-theatrical).
This recording was made in October 2008, and commits one of these performances.

Monday, January 21st, 2013
12:46 pm
ca509 - Red Cosmos - There And Back

Artist: Red Cosmos
Title: There And Back
Date: 2013-01-21
Keywords: psychedelic; indie; dream-pop; electronic; choraldelia; post-pop; pop
(320 kbps)

Based in York (UK), Red Cosmos is the solo project of Kim Tortoise. Kim was previously a member of The Gods Themselves with Art Moran. They made two super-limited cassettes of novelty tunes and five-minute fade-outs.

This is Red Cosmos' first long-player There And Back. It includes (amongst others) a choraldelic ode to the legendary Psych re-issue label Bam Caruso Records (St.Albans Colour Explosion), a high-voiced love song sung by a kidnapper (You Said You Loved Me), and a track featuring Kim Tortoise's father-in-law reciting a poem about the fate of Iron Stone Miners in Yorkshire (Iron Rush).

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012
9:57 am
ca508 - Miche - Along Yurikamome

Artist: Miche
Title: Along Yurikamome
Date: 2012-12-23
Keywords: ambient; drone; field recordings
(320 kbps)

"Yurikamome" It's a Japanese railroad which runs in the seaside city of Tokyo.
It is unmanned driving, there are not a driver and the conductor in the inside of train, in other words it runs by the automatic control of the computer.
We can see a lot of scenes which can be called "Near-future city" along Yurikamome and I made up my mind to describe the sceneries by sounds, and this album was completed here.
I expressed and interpreted of sceneries along Yurikamome, such as night view from the train window, Tokyo Big Sight, sidewalk which is lighted up by orange streetlights, Rainbow Bridge (it's Japanese famous bridge) and so on.

Monday, November 5th, 2012
4:54 pm
ca506 - Post Human Era - Help, I Invented The Internet

Artist: Post Human Era
Title: Help, I Invented The Internet
Date: 2012-11-05
Keywords: electro-pop; electronica; post-pop; pop; singularity
(320 kbps)

"Post Human Era is the work of brothers Daniel and Michael Finfer.
Artists love to say their music has a mes sage, but what hap pens when that mes sage is “the Sin gu lar ity is Near”? Post Human Era cre ates albums that explore experimental sounds and ideas, while still pos sess ing enough pop-music chops to make them acces si ble.
'Help, I Invented The Internet' is the result of work spanning the last three years, and their first formal release since 2009's 'To Build A Fire'."

Saturday, September 15th, 2012
11:46 am
ca504 - Weinberger - Inconvenience

Artist: Weinberger
Title: Inconvenience
Date: 2012-09-15
Keywords: electroacoustic noise poems; spoken word; other
(320 kbps)

“inconvenience” is a collection of electroacoustic noise poems, which are musical translations of mental processes.

Thursday, August 9th, 2012
11:14 am
[GT536] Maelstrom - The Passage

Artist: Maelstrom (Firenze, Italy)
Title: The Passage
Genre: Post-Metal, Experimental
Format: EP; MP3, 320 kbps
Size: 61 MB
Duration: 20:55

Learn more / Stream
Saturday, August 4th, 2012
1:09 pm
ca502 - Tobias Herzz Hallbauer - beSides

Artist: Tobias Herzz Hallbauer
Title: beSides
Date: 2012-08-04
Keywords: trip hop; electronica; folk; alternative; dark ambient
(320 kbps)

„beSides“ - the latest album of german musician Tobias Herzz Hallbauer – contains seven tracks: some out-takes from the albums „A Well Known Man“ and „Verses 2“ (both released on Clinical Archives), and two remixed and remastered earlier recordings („Wiese“ and „Klee“).
There are instrumentals and songs: from dark trip hop to electronica and folk...

Saturday, July 21st, 2012
12:12 am
[GT500] Genetic Trance - Remixes
Genetic Trance movement is 2 years old ! And 500 releases in its main catalogue ! And GT500 is the one of long-awaited Genetic Trance Remix album ! A headbanging sound exploration into independent electronics in best traditions of experimental underground.

Genre: Experimental, IDM, Breaks, Noise, Trance, Post-Rock, Abstract, Ambient, Glitch, Downtempo, Hard Techno Format: MP3 (VBR) | WAV | ogg
Run time: 2:17:19
539 MB

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
9:52 pm
ca501 - Boris Gagloev & Noise Pictures - Noise Pictures 2005-12-26 / Noise Pictures Extracts (2CD)

Artist: Boris Gagloev & Noise Pictures
Title: Noise Pictures 2005-12-26 / Noise Pictures Extracts (2CD)
Date: 2012-07-17
Keywords: spontaneous improvisation; free jazz; experimental
(320 kbps)

Boris Gagloev was born in 1969 in the Russian town of Vologda, he graduated from Archangelsk Conservatory in the field of jazz guitar (1993) and also he was graduate of St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography in the field of composition and sound creation participating in experimental course of Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky (master´s degree in 2004). In the 90s, he came across international gathering Un de Lion for instance, in 1997 he moved to Prague, where he taught at Instrumental Theatre Music College and performed concerts with various bands in the genres of avant-garde improvisation, jazz and latino-american music (Kaljan Jazz, BG Ensemble, Noise Of Time, Atarés) and last but not least, he composed scenic music.
At the end of 2004, Gagloev set up project of Noise Pictures with intention to give a boost to loose association of musicians - rather than closed band - with interest in improvised and experimental music, so that various musicians from different genres having lust for diverse approach to music making could meet; while some of them took part in no more than one action, the others cooperated much longer...

Sunday, June 10th, 2012
2:04 pm
ca500 - Various - Clinical Anthology Vol.2 (2009-2012) 4CD

Artist: Various
Title: Clinical Anthology Vol.2 (2009-2012) 4CD
Date: 2012-06-10
Keywords: indie; alternative; post rock; electronic; electro-pop; experimental pop; dream pop; synthpop; krautrock; rock; psychedelic; new wave; jazz-rock; metal; post-folk, balkan brass; russian klezmer, soviet pop; experimental; acoustic; world; jazz; big band; free jazz; avant-garde; free improv; nu jazz; contemporary jazz; electroacoustic; intuitive improvisation; latin; circuit bending; abstract; live electronics; minimalist; other

Eclectic and illogical compilation from different releases of a netlabel Clinical Archives of the period with 2009 for 2012. (Vol.2)

Sunday, May 27th, 2012
1:40 pm
Genetic Trance News

deafness (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - Broken Life
Genre: Dark Ambient, Spoken Word, Depressive Black Metal
76,2 MB (MP3)

The Circulatory System (USA) - Jazz Loops Malfunctioning
Genre: Sound Collage
153 MB (WAV) | 15,9 MB (MP3)


Tortured Screams In The Walls (Kemerovo, Russia) - Last Blood Event
Genre: HNW
51,9 MB (MP3)

Землябрат (Kaluga, Russia) - Сверхдыхание
Genre: Noise Ambient
68,3 MB (MP3)

deafness (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - Astral
Genre: Drone Ambient
69,1 MB (MP3)

Mono Syntax (Italy) - Data Transfer 386
Genre: Experimental, Minimal, Noise Ambient
324.3 KB (MP3)

КАРТОФЕЛЬ (Detroit, USA) - 120347 Salacia
Genre: HNW/Drone
121,6 MB (MP3)

Steam flow (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - Pere Lachaise
Genre: Ambient
45,9 MB (MP3)

deafness (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - Welcome to the Gulag
Genre: Ambient
66,5 MB (MP3)

Vol-kov (Moscow, Russia) - ogolteli`im
Genre: Experimental, Drone, Dark Ambient, Noise
131 MB (MP3)

Thursday, May 17th, 2012
12:09 pm
ca499 - Bosques de mi Mente - 20 de Abril

Artist: Bosques de mi Mente
Title: 20 de Abril
Date: 2012-05-17
Keywords: minimalism; piano
(320 kbps)

20th of April… the night begore I was travelling to Berlin, there was a terrible storm here in Madrid… It had a lot of strength, and it moved me so much that I decided to set some ambient mics pointing to the storm and another two mics recording the piano, and started playing. I left my mind wander through the piano notes for three quarters of an hour and, when I finished, I got up, closed the lid of the piano, pressed the STOP button, and started to prepare my luggage. When I came back from Berlin, I played the recording again, and was so impressed by what I heard that I decided to share it. The result is “20 de Abril” (April the 20th), the most minimalist album of Bosques de mi Mente to date.

Friday, May 11th, 2012
10:47 pm
News on Genetic Trance

a l b u m
Artist: Steam Flow (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Title: With Trains And Bones
Genre: Dark Ambient
Format: MP3 (320 kbps)


Artist: Anchore State (Moscow, Russia)
Title: Changes of life EP
Genre: Dubstep
Format: MP3 (256/320)


Various Artists
Title: Digital Locked Grooves Compilation
Genre: Abstract, Ambient, Breakcore, Chiptune, Experimental, Glitch, Industrial, Musique Concrète, Minimal, Noise, Field Recording, IDM, Avant-Folk, Noisecore, Electro, Drone, House, Breakbeat, Modern Classical, Speedcore
Format: FLAC, MP3 (16-320 kbps), OGG

Saturday, May 5th, 2012
4:17 pm
ca498 - H Stewart - GenreLess

Artist: H Stewart
Title: GenreLess
Date: 2012-05-05
Keywords: experimental
(320 kbps)

Five years ago I started releasing sound on various net labels. After the publication of my first book Porched Hopes I came to an artistic impasse. At that time time I was in the company of Christopher McFall. He handed me a laptop housed with odd programs and an old pencil microphone. He told me there is no wrong way to make experimental music. Without any further assistance I began work on what some of you know as "To touch the Taste of Sound"...

Thursday, April 26th, 2012
11:53 pm
[GT453] GENETIC TRANCE: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (split)

s p l i t
This split is dedicated to Chernobyl disaster.
Artist: Morbid Silence / Radio Noiseville / RMSS Systems Inc.
Title: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Genre: Dark Ambient, Darkwave, Experimental
Format: FLAC or MP3
Duration - 18:56
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